What subjects does John Nichols teach?

John teaches a range of subjects over a range of levels. He really loves explaining how things work to people and finds it tremendous to see people, of any age, understanding concepts and developing their knowledge and skills. The best moments in tutoring always come when students or their parents tell you about how well they’re doing at school or how much their grades have risen.

Up to Degree level

Biology and Natural Sciences

Up to A-Level

Chemistry, History and Psychology

Up to GCSE

Physics and Geography

All ages

Metacognition, revision strategies and study skills

KS3, KS2 and KS1

All subjects not including languages

13+, 11+, 9+ and 7+

English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning, interview preparation, individual subject preparation for scholarship papers. Specific experience with scholarship preparation for a number of leading independent schools including Eton (King’s Scholarship), King’s College School, St Paul’s, Westminster and Winchester.

Learning disabilities

John has a lot of experience tutoring children of all ages with mild to severe learning disabilities including dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, autistic spectrum disorder, asperger’s syndrome and ADD/ADHD.

What do I get when I book a tutorial?

When you book a tutorial, not only do you get John at the times requested, it also includes any assessment, preparation, reasonable travel time and (where necessary) the use of specialist equipment (eg, microscope, dissection instruments, chemicals for experiments, electric circuits etc).

John was the perfect tutor for my son Jack. His enthusiasm for this subject was infectious & like other reviewers have said, the structure & organisation of the lesson was perfect. Biology was not my son’s favourite subject by any means but John found ways of engaging Jack & the result was an A in GCSE. Thanks John, you were brilliant & we look forward to seeing you when the time comes for my daughter.

Biology GCSE Placement

John is brilliant. He is always very polite, conscientious, punctual, very smart, funny, patient.

13+ Placement