Private Tuition

Parents can seek additional support for their children for an enormous variety of reasons. It may be that they simply feel that their child is struggling in a specific subject or that they have an upcoming challenge such as an exam or assessment. In some cases, students are unable to receive the help they need from their normal classroom teachers at school. John is the President of The Tutors’ Association 2020-21 and a fellow of The Tutors’ Association (FTA). John has over 9,000 hours of teaching and tuition experience, with hundreds of different students and is capable of assisting in all manner of cases.

What subjects does John teach?

John teaches a range of subjects at different levels. He enjoys explaining how things work to people and finds it tremendously satisfying to see people, of any age, understanding concepts and developing their knowledge and skills beyond what they thought they were capable of.

Up to Degree level

Biology and Natural Sciences

Up to A-Level

Chemistry, History and Psychology

Up to GCSE

Physics and Geography

KS3, KS2 and KS1

All subjects not including languages

All ages

Metacognition, revision strategies and study skills

13+, 11+, 9+ and 7+

English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning, interview preparation, individual subject preparation for scholarship papers. Specific experience with scholarship preparation for a number of leading independent schools including Eton (King’s Scholarship), King’s College School, St Paul’s, Westminster and Winchester.

Learning disabilities

John has a lot of experience tutoring children of all ages with mild to severe learning disabilities including dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, autistic spectrum disorder, asperger’s syndrome and ADD/ADHD.

What do I get when I book a tutorial?

When you book a tutorial, not only do you get John at the times requested, it also includes any assessment, preparation, reasonable travel time and (where necessary) the use of specialist equipment (eg, microscope, dissection instruments, chemicals for experiments, electric circuits etc).

Building a strong student-tutor relationship.

The student must feel confident enough to talk openly with their tutor about whatever might be affecting their education.

A clearly structured programme based around the relevant curriculum.

Both the student and parents should know what the aim is and how we will get there.

Regular, honest feedback to both students and guardians.

It is important that the student and the parent both entirely understand how much work there is still to do and if we are on track.

A baseline assessment.

At the beginning of any placement you must establish the starting point; how much does the student already know? This does not necessarily mean setting a test or exam.

Creating a positive learning atmosphere.

Tutorials should be enjoyed and learning can be an incredibly rewarding and interesting activity. Mistakes are absolutely acceptable and an integral part of the learning process and it is important that students know that they are allowed to make them.

John was the perfect tutor for my son Jack. His enthusiasm for this subject was infectious & like other reviewers have said, the structure & organisation of the lesson was perfect. Biology was not my son’s favourite subject by any means but John found ways of engaging Jack & the result was an A in GCSE. Thanks John, you were brilliant & we look forward to seeing you when the time comes for my daughter.
Biology GCSE Placement

I’ve just spoken to [the parent] and I’m really thrilled to say that she could not be more pleased with you. She thought that you were really professional, organised and a great teacher. A huge well done on this one as she has not been easy to please in the past!

Agency Review

[student] has been accepted to Radley. He scored all A’s on his exams. Thank you very much for your kind help; you are a very organised and a very good tutor. You have prepared us well for the exam and I really appreciate that.

13+ Science Placement

John is brilliant. He is always very polite, conscientious, punctual, very smart, funny, patient.
13+ Placement

Home Schooling

Alongside Private Tuition placements, John takes on a number of home schooling placements. Having been a qualified teacher and holding a PGCE, John is well qualified and experienced in the creation and delivery of a bespoke curriculum. John also specialises in providing metacognitive training and character education to ensure that a home schooled student has the best possible chances of achieving their long term goals and enjoying their education.

It is very difficult to express how grateful we are to you for what you’ve achieved with our son.
The challenges he has presented along the way have been met with patience and respect. Your perseverance and dedication are remarkable, but add to this your good humour through it all is what makes you a truly outstanding teacher. He was lucky to have you on his side.

History A2 Home Schooling Placement

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work you are doing with [Student]. She appears to be enjoying your lessons and actually (although she would never admit it) enthused by your teaching and practices. Thank you so much!

Home Schooling GCSE Placement