Get My Grades

John is a co-founder of Get My Grades, an online learning platform for English, Maths and Science for secondary school students. 

Get My Grades is an innovative online learning platform that enables students to learn, revise and assess themselves. It automatically collects data on how students get on in each part of their course, so that parents, teachers and students can track their progress in real time. It provides more meaningful data to everyone whilst reducing teacher workload.

The Get My Grades platform is simple and easy to use – it is based on good teaching practice and the latest research. It even includes clearly signposted extra content that goes beyond the bare minimum of the course to encourage curiosity and help students make informed decisions about which subjects they might want to study in future.

Features of Get My Grades

Interactive textbook content.

Broken down into manageable Concepts, our EnglishMaths, and Science content is mapped to your course; GCSE and IGCSE (AQAEdexcelOCR), Cambridge Checkpoint13+Key Stage 311+.

Not just multiple choice.

We provide realistic exam practice with a variety of question types. Our adaptive learning algorithms set questions at the appropriate level. We provide a detailed answer explanation for each question.

Automated progress tracking.

Track your progress down to concept level and easily see your strengths and weaknesses. Try one of our recommended assignments and earn badges for your achievements.

Connecting everyone together.

Create free parent, tutor and teacher accounts and connect them to your student account. Review work easily and leave comments to help students improve even further.

Transferable grades.

In Year 9 you cover fractions. We keep your scores, so as you move up into Year 10 your scores move up automatically! This will save you time so you don’t recover content you already know.

Saving time and money.

With everything you need in one place, save your time and money by not buying several different learning resources. The platform is the perfect resource to compliment existing tuition programmes.

Award-Winning Learning Platform

The Story Behind Get My Grades


In 2016, John and Sam (John’s wife) came up with the idea of applying John’s knowledge and style of teaching to an online platform. It could include all of the content, including material that stretches just beyond the limits of the course. Additionally, there could be definitions of all the key terms, so students are not left confused by technical terminology. It could even have the questions that John would design and set, with detailed feedback for each one. As they discussed the idea and thought about it more, John realised that he could design software that could decide which questions to set students in the same way he’d decide which questions to set in a lesson, based on the student’s performance and understanding. The idea for ‘Get My Grades’ was born, as was their first son, Arthur. The rest, as they say, is history!  


By 2018, John and Sam had built an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team, guided by Sam’s expertise and experience in operations and John’s understanding of education. This was the year when we developed the majority of the platform and developed the English and Maths content, including over 850 concepts and 75,000 questions.

The Get My Grades Platform was finally launched in September for students and parents, with Tuition Agency and Tutor accounts following in October.


At Bett 2019, Get My Grades launched their platform for teachers and international partners. We’ve expanded the team, released new content and started to working with partners in Africa, the Middle East and further afield to provide an outstanding education platform in their own regions.

Get My Grades has a research collaboration with the University of Plymouth and UCL to make the platform even better, with cutting-edge cognitive psychology research. Get My Grades means that all students can now enjoy learning and track their progress. With its ‘Free School Meals’ Promise, even students from less privileged backgrounds can experience the same great service at a subsidised rate. The institution packages allow professional educators – schools and tuition agencies – to make use of the sophisticated platform to improve the quality of educational data whilst reducing the workload of their teachers.