Education Consultancy

John Nichols has extensive and wide-ranging experience within the education sector which he uses to achieve positive outcomes for relevant projects. John’s experience working in and around schools, tuition providers, educational charities and e-learning companies has given him a deep, cross-sector perspective. This experience is combined with a detailed knowledge of education theory, practice and research and an extensive network of contacts in the UK and across the world.

E-Learning and Education Technology

John has led on the design, development and implementation of complex e-learning projects and understands the varied requirements and challenges involved at every stage of the process. John has a unique combination of experience in almost every aspect of e-learning project development, from pedagogy to raising investment and from educational research to international business development.

Education Programmes

Educational programmes can be anything from a short introductory course for a small group of students to a large-scale programme with complex logistical requirements and challenges around recruiting, training and managing a network of teachers/tutors who will deliver the programme on the ground. John has extensive experience working on both charitable education programmes as well as those run by private sector providers and understands the process of designing and managing both academic and pastoral programmes, including the importance of impact monitoring and sustainability.

International Education

The education sector is highly fragmented across the world. Almost every country has it’s own curriculum and education system with substantial differences in the degree of private sector involvement, the purchasing habits and budget allocations as well as the development of its teacher workforce. John understands how education systems differ across the world and can bring this insight to complex multi-national projects.