John Nichols – Study Skills Course

In addition to the Private Tuition, John also delivers a range of courses. Having a wide-range of interests in education and how we learn, John has developed an innovative research-led Study Skills programme. This is delivered over the course of three 2-hour sessions and covers topics such as an outline of the processes that enable learning to take place, the concept of intelligence, how memory works and motivation and goal setting.

I’ve just spoken to [the parent] and I’m really thrilled to say that she could not be more pleased with you. She thought that you were really professional, organised and a great teacher. A huge well done on this one as she has not been easy to please in the past!

Agency Review

[student] has been accepted to Radley. He scored all A’s on his exams. Thank you very much for your kind help; you are a very organised and a very good tutor. You have prepared us well for the exam and I really appreciate that.

13+ Science Placement