John Nichols – Bespoke Private Tuition

John Nichols is a trained Science teacher who has received consistently outstanding feedback from all the families that he works with. He has been tutoring since 2007 and is an energetic, structured and engaging tutor who is extremely enthusiastic about tutoring Science to students of all ages, particularly at GCSE level. John is incredibly passionate about helping his students to progress and achieve their goals, and he is excellent at helping students to reach their full academic potential.

Why choose John Nichols?

Private tuition is an incredibly effective way of delivering education, when done properly. Many of the practical issues in schools such as disruption and having to deal with students working at varying speeds and levels do not exist in private tuition. Nonetheless, that does not mean that private tuition is straightforward. For private tuition to be effective John believes that there are several essential things to ensure:

Building a strong student-tutor relationship.

The student must feel confident enough to talk openly with their tutor about whatever might be affecting their education.

A clearly structured programme based around the relevant curriculum.

Both the student and parents should know what the aim is and how we will get there.

Regular, honest feedback to both students and guardians.

It is important that the student and the parent both entirely understand how much work there is still to do and if we are on track.

A baseline assessment.

At the beginning of any placement you must establish the starting point; how much does the student already know? This does not necessarily mean setting a test or exam.

Creating a positive learning atmosphere.

Tutorials should be enjoyed and learning can be an incredibly rewarding and interesting activity. Mistakes are absolutely acceptable and an integral part of the learning process and it is important that students know that they are allowed to make them.

It is very difficult to express how grateful we are to you for what you’ve achieved with our son.
The challenges he has presented along the way have been met with patience and respect. Your perseverance and dedication are remarkable, but add to this your good humour through it all is what makes you a truly outstanding teacher. He was lucky to have you on his side.

Home Schooling Placement

John is a very competent tutor and knowledgeable and resourceful tutor. He is very organised and structured; his lessons prepare the student very well for the exam. He also communicates well to the parents, so we are reassured that our child is ready for the exam. He is friendly, firm and very professional. We are very happy to have him as our son’s tutor.

Biology AS Placement