John Nichols

John Nichols is a highly experienced leader in the education sector. He has served as a classroom teacher, for an award-winning educational charity and as co-founder for a specialist e-learning company (Get My Grades). He has also served as Director, Vice President and President (2020-21) of The Tutors’ Association (TTA), the national representative body for the professional tuition sector in the UK.

John has extensive experience of front-line education with over 9,000 hours of direct teaching and tuition experience including teaching whole classes, small groups and individuals, to a full range of abilities and SEND requirements and for students from different socio-economic strata; from disadvantaged students to those from exclusive high net-worth families.

As well as teaching and tuition, John has worked on a number of projects to provide support to educators including: character education programme design and delivery in schools, professional tutor training programmes, international business development and CPD/seminar delivery on behalf of The Tutors’ Association. John holds a PGCE with distinction and specialises in the practical application of educational theory and evidence, especially schema theory and cognitive load theory.

John has built up an extensive network of renowned professionals and specialists across the education/start-up sectors, both domestically within the UK and internationally. This includes experience working with organisations such as DIT, BESA, UCL EDUCATE programme and FCO staff around the world.

Whilst John currently has very limited time available for additional projects at this time, he is always keen to hear about new initiatives in education and support where he can.